COVID has changed the way we will go back to school

The OutClass™ outdoor classroom system offers a natural, flexible, pedagogically sound approach to quickly scaling up your classroom capacity outside to take the pressure off your teachers and school inside.


  • OutClass™ surfaces naturally disinfect overnight (compared to 4-5 days for plastic & steel)

  • Seat spacing naturally reinforces distancing protocols
  • Each student seat provides a backpack hitch to keep materials self-contained
  • Low-impact surface mount system

  • Each classroom can be set up or removed in an hour
  • Convert an entire soccer pitch into an outdoor school in a day
  • Quickly remove OutClass™ and recover your fields
  • Allows for infinite configurations of seating and breakout groups

  • Moving tool allows you to reconfigure and adapt to distancing protocols
  • Buffers between classes and shelter enhance the learning environment
  • Teacher tested and approved
  • Components can be re-purposed into an engaging, compliant play structure (ASTM, ANSI, CSA, ADA)

  • Other options for reconfiguration include outdoor gathering area, social seating, student study groups, and even bleachers for your sports fields

Quick Setup & Take Down

Designed for fast and efficient shipping and set-up, OutClass™ can transform your open space into an effective outdoor school in a single day. Blackboards for teaching; solid, stable, natural seating and desk space that maintains distancing; curriculum and equipment storage; buffers between classes; shade and inclement weather protection – all are delivered and set up in one day without damaging your field. The smart  approach to quickly and safely scaling up your classroom capacity outside to take the pressure off your teachers and school inside.

Flexible teaching space

OutClass™ traditional layout
OutClass™ learning group layout

Transforms into play structure

When the rules relax or your needs change, the OutClass™ flexible seating and workstation configuration can quickly adapt. Each OutClass™ system ships with equipment you will need to set the components into alternate patterns that will accommodate any teaching style.

Nobody knows when the threat of COVID will dissipate, but when it is time to shift your outdoor classrooms into their next configuration, we are only a call away and ready to help transform the components into an array of options from amazing play structures to creative social gathering spaces, benches and bleachers, and of course, spectacular, permanent outdoor classrooms!

And with the OutClass™ system’s unique surface mounted process, your field will quickly be back in business!


OutClass™ play structure
OutClass™ social gathering

Fit up to 18 classrooms (360 students) on a regulation soccer pitch

Click for OutClass™ layout gallery
Click for OutClass™ layout gallery


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